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Nimbus S-Class

Server performance has increased by orders of magnitude in the past 20 years but hard disk technology has largely remained static. Disk speeds are stuck at 15k rpm, and caching technology has limited uses in high transaction environments. This is why for many high end users storage has become the ultimate bottleneck.

Solid State Disk technology, now generically referred to as Flash, has been introduced gradually but has for some time seen to be expensive. However the latest generation Enterprise Flash devices from Nimbusdata have shifted the paradigm to finally make Flash a contender for standard tier 1 storage implementations.

Flash Storage from Nimbusdata has the following features:

  • Up to 1.2 million random read/write IOPS (per 2U shelf)
  • Up to 16 GBps throughput (per 2U shelf)
  • Up to 48TB per 2U shelf with 2TB Flash Modules
    • 120TB (2U) version with 4TB modules in development
  • Multiple connectivity options
    • Infiniband to 56 Gbps
    • Fibre Channel to 16 Gbps
    • Ethernet to 40 Gbps
  • Multiple Protocols (unified storage)
    • iSCSI - Ethernet
    • Fibre Channel
    • SCSI Remote Protocol (SRP) or SCSI RDMA - Infiniband
    • NFS - Ethernet
    • SMB – Ethernet
  • Enterprise software features at no licensing cost
    • Unified File System
    • RAID 5/6/10 protection
    • ILO management
    • CLI, GUI, and API control to each controller
    • Deduplication – selectable by volume
    • Automatic Thin Provisioning
    • Snapshot
    • Asynchronous Replication
    • Encryption
  • Full application integration and compliance:
    • VMware: vStorage VAAI and auto-SSD detection
    • Oracle: DirectNFS, ASM, Goldengate, Data Guard
    • Microsoft: Hyper-V, SQL, Exchange, VSS provider
    • Citrix: XenServer/XenDesktop HCL
  • Dual stateless controllers to each storage shelf for instant failover
  • No loss of performance over time (no “write cliff”)
  • Distributed RAM cache on each flash module allows for scale out caching (Pat Pending)
  • Power protection on each module so no cache battery backup required
  • Line rate 6Gbps SAS connection from each flash module to controller (144 Gbps max throughput)
  • Up to 80% less power consumption (<10W per TB deployed) than HDD arrays
  • Corresponding reduction in cooling requirments
  • Enterprise Endurance – warrantied for up to 10 years (including performance guarantee)
  • Lower TCOs than comparable Enterprise HDD system
  • Comparable capital purchase costs to Enterprise HDD system

Multiple customers from many different vertical markets have implemented Nimbusdata storage in their high transaction environments with stunning results, including (from actual user cases):

  • Oracle
    • Increased transactions per second by 10x
    • Reduced rackspace needs by 75%
    • Replaced 150 spindle high-end FC 15k array with single 2U unit
  • SQL Server
    • Disk latency reduction by factor of 100
    • Data update transaction reduced from 10 seconds to 0.2 seconds
    • Index rebuild times down from hours to minutes
  • VMware Private Cloud
    • VM provisioning time reduced from 40 to 3 minutes
    • Reduced rackspace needs by 65%
    • Power usage cut by 78%
  • SAP Acceleration
    • SQL processing times cut from 4 hours to 1 hour
    • Backups reduced 83% from 2 hours to 20 minutes
    • Reduced rackspace requirements by 70%
  • MRP Platform (moving to Dynamics AX 2012)
    • 120,000 IOPS delivered against 34,000 IOPS requirement for AX solution
    • MRP SQL Server migrated from dedicated hardware platform to VM and IOPS delivered increased 10x, while running on same platform as 57 other VMs
    • Initial platform half the cost of nearest competitor
    • Customer reordered and is looking to expand initial Nimbus footprint by factor of 10

Nimbusdata systems are transforming the storage marketplace, and allowing it to catch up with the developments that servers have had in the past decade.

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